2019 Growth of Influencer marketing

2019 Growth of Influencer marketing

In the last decade, we have seen the growth of online marketing in different dimensions. We saw affiliate marketing; guerilla marketing and now we see influencer marketing. Atleast for the past 5 years, the need for influencers online is rapidly increasing. Everyone we see today on Instagram seems to be an influencer. In 2017 and 2018 especially, the number of influencers have gone up. But not all are relevant to the brands who are trying to promote their brand through influencers. Hence a lot of sub-definitions came into the meaning of influencers.

To the normal individual in the road, influencer promoting includes brands working with celebrated individuals. They may not understand that a fitting made for an item in a blog they read could be an instance of influencer advertising.


growth of influencer marketing in 2019


Influencer definitions have stayed liquid throughout the years. There has been some dialog, in any case, that there are presently four kinds of influencers via web-based networking media:

Uber influencers – social whizzes with in excess of a million devotees. These are regularly famous people due to notoriety they have picked up in the “genuine” world

Large scale influencers – influencers with somewhere in the range of 100,000 and 1 million adherents

Smaller scale influencers – somebody who has somewhere in the range of 1,000 and 100,000 adherents. We have advocated the capacity of miniaturized scale influencers to spread a message. While their following might be small(ish), their credibility is high

Nano-influencers – someone with less than 1,000 supporters who has huge impact with a relatively restricted market. For example, a nano-influencer might be the individual with the most validity in a specific neighborhood

Super influencers are of incentive to a couple of huge brands. These individuals might be celebrated, yet they don’t generally impact people groups’ conduct. Because you can perceive a VIP’s name, does not imply that you regard them enough to purchase the items they prescribe.

While full scale influencers may have a great deal of regard in their specialty, there is normally an excess of rivalry for most brands to work with them. Full scale influencers can pick and pick the brands they need as their colleagues.

This leaves smaller scale influencers and nano-influencers for the normal business. As 2019 advances, we anticipate that more brands should work with the best influencers in these classifications.

You may feel that a nano-influencer will have too little effect – they simply need more supporters. In any case, nano-influencers are regularly the best individuals to laud a brand’s excellencies to a thin or explicit specialty. On the off chance that a brand fabricates an association with a nano-influencer, at that point the vast majority think of it as valid and authentic.

Brands need to adjust the expanded validness and commitment of nano-influencers with the expanded reach of miniaturized scale influencers. It will be most fascinating to see what direction most of brands go in 2019.

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