Building Your Brand With ORM (Online Reputation Management)

Building Your Brand With ORM (Online Reputation Management)

With the advent of the internet, the way in which people consume information has undergone a massive change. You can search for anything and everything on Google. However, with all the good things, a few bad things may also come that can hurt your company or brand reputation. The internet has given you various ideas to promote your brand and socialize with other people. Sometimes everything may not turn out well. That’s when online reputation management can come to your rescue.

What is online reputation management? 

ORM is the process of managing your company or individual reputation using various techniques like SMO, SEO, blogging, monitoring your search results regularly. You can also try other techniques such as sharing valuable content, help your customers, or eliminate any negative reviews posted by someone. Thus, ORM is all about presenting the correct image of your business to your users.

Ignore, Respond and Remove: Follow the three-step strategy

There are thousands of people out there who can post negative feedback or reviews about your products or services and you cannot control these things. People regard your brand as good or bad on the basis of what they find about your brand on the internet. Any reviews, comments or information posted by somebody can either make or break your brand. To handle any negative reviews you can follow this three-step process:

  1. Ignore: Some people may complain just for the sake of complaining. They may not have a strong reason or backing to support their statement. You should not get disturbed by such negative comments and ignore it. If you respond back it will only catch more attention of other people over the internet and may further hurt your company reputation.
  2. Respond: If there are instances when someone posts valid comments against your company you may not leave such comments unresolved. You may need to respond back calmly to any strong comments. If it is your mistake and customer is unhappy, you can thank the commenter to correct you. This will help you use the negative reviews to your advantage and build more trust among your customers. And in case you are right you have to stand by your opinion without offending the other person.
  3. Remove: If your competitors are trying to let you down by using harsh comments you can always remove comments. In case you cannot remove the comments, you can use SEO and SMO techniques to get them down. It’s even better if you could have some positive reviews placed up in order.

Online Reputation Management

Techniques to build your brand’s reputation

You can follow below-mentioned techniques to avoid pitfalls and build your online reputation:

  • Spread your online reach by making your blog, socializing on various social media platforms, sharing useful content or viral videos with your customers.
  • Optimize your web pages with your company’s name to make them more likely to appear in searches.
  • Keep monitoring your brand in various search engines and if you find anything unfavorable, take a timely action.
  • If you find something unflattering online you can counteract politely.
  • Stay in touch with users by posting viral videos, quizzes, tutorials or contests.

To conclude, you may need to do more than what your competitors are doing. Create more buzz and share them on your social media channels to increase customer engagement. Attend business events and conferences to gain awareness and recognition. Your efforts will surely help your brand reputation improve.

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