Competition between Digital Agencies & New Players In 2020

Competition between Digital Agencies & New Players In 2020

A silent competition is happening in the digital marketing world i.e. there are some AI powered online tools which are simplifying tasks of several businesses. Also, this is getting disruptive as the purpose of having an external vendor for the same is getting limited. Therefore agencies are at the risk of becoming irrelevant for businesses. Still, nothing has changed.

There are people who use these tools and we can also see people relying on agencies to get their work done. But the practice of utilizing AI powered tools might remove the concept of agencies and vendors for digital marketing services, according to experts. Does it mean the future of sales, marketing and other business operations are to be driven by the AI powered tools. Let us some marketing operations that are disrupted by these tools.


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Lead Generation & Management

Lead Generation has now become so simple for several companies. They use certain tools such as Leadleaper, Aeroleads etc. to name a few to generate contact information of some potential individuals. Be it CEO of a company or even someone like a Vice President or Operations Head. You get all information here with ease.

But the work of generating leads was done by digital agencies. Some years before to get best lead generation results, you were to go to specific agencies and pay them per lead. Now this trend is fast diminishing. Still, there are many who prefer going to agencies. But the demand for doing everything inhouse with an online tool is growing big.

Page Management

Posting regularly on social media is an effort to tell people that your brand still exists in the market. Nowadays we have tools which help us do it with ease. Social Pilot, Hootsuite etc. are some of them which simplify this activity. Also, this task will get more simplified if you’re hiring an agency to do these tasks quite regularly. Still, several people are already using Hootsuite and other platforms to simplify their operations. Apart from that we have people who do it manually as well.

Data Acquisition

Acquiring data is another big deal, but years before we had agencies to perform this operation. Now to acquire data, people are widely using a lot of tools online., etc. are some of the best examples to cite.

Competitor Analysis

You can quantify the effect of your image, product offerings and your exhibition against rivals after any crusade. You can distinguish the “what” and the “when” by investigating developing patterns and group of spectator’s purpose, and help to impact the message and the timings of battles to coordinate purchaser needs. You can likewise utilize brand search insight information reflectively to comprehend the effect of your crusades just as where they sit close by the exhibition of their rivals. Thinking about how you can do all these? Online devices these days come convenient. Prior, it was organizations and advisors who were helping us with every one of these bits of knowledge. However, presently we have instruments to enable us to see these. In any case, a great deal of them is depending on applications to get every one of these administrations.


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