Facebook Ads vs. LinkedIn Ads: Which one is good for what?

Facebook Ads vs. LinkedIn Ads: Which one is good for what?

As the time changes, so does the trends. Once upon a time, print advertisements were making rounds elsewhere. If you don’t advertise in a newspaper or a magazine, your brand doesn’t exist in the real world was the scenario then. Even now the same thought process exists, but there is a paradigm shift from print media to digital. More specifically, it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and LinkedIn that are making up this space.

Facebook Vs LinkedIn For Marketing In 2019

A majority of businesses are investing in these platforms either for their specificity in audience or for their huge number of users. Off recently, Facebook and LinkedIn have gained a lot of momentum. While the B2B crowd is thronging to LinkedIn, B2C folks are sticking to Facebook more than other platforms. Some say Facebook is the best to advertise and some say LinkedIn is the best. So let us make a comparison of the two platforms and see which one will be well suited for a particular business.

Facebook Ads

When compared to Google Ads, Facebook is completely user friendly. Almost anyone can login and place an advertisement. Just tweaking the audience and interest matters when it comes to meeting the goal of ROI and ad spend. There are different types of Facebook Ads which includes Carousel Ads, Video Ads, Lead Ads, Canvas, Domain Ads, Dynamic Product Ads and Sponsored Ads.

A variety of industries are widely utilizing these ads. For example, a fashion brand will eventually choose Carousel Ads and Video Ads. While a Real Estate Company will choose a combination of Video and Lead Ads. Spend and deliverable ratio has been high in Facebook compared to other platforms. Several healthcare clinics for example, have been generating nearly 5000 to 10,000 leads quite regularly with Facebook Ads spending less than a million.

At the same time, people also say Facebook is not a good platform for B2B. Manufacturing companies, OEM Manufacturers etc. couldn’t generate leads at all or relevant leads, the reason being a weaker presence of their target audience.

LinkedIn Ads

For long, LinkedIn has been degraded as a platform. But only recently, marketers the potential it has to generate leads for the B2B segment. The conversations taking place in LinkedIn is quite professional. This distinction is enough to say why LinkedIn is quite suited for B2B Marketers. Different types of Ads in LinkedIn include: Text Ads, Dynamic Ads, Sponsored Ads, Lead Gen Forms and Sponsored InMail to name a few.

Most importantly, manufacturing, OEM manufacturers and other equipment manufacturers are widely advertising here. Apart from that we even get to see some couple of business consultants, stock brokers, skill development institutes etc. advertising widely here.

But advertisers in LinkedIn come with a lot of complaints. One such is the user interface design which is not upto the mark. Next, ad costs are quite expensive compared to other platforms. Infact several B2B marketers have been choosing Twitter over LinkedIn and some have confined only to Facebook. Comparing both of these is more similar to comparing an Apple and Orange. These two are specific to two different segments respectively. Both come with equal amounts of drawbacks as well. Still, their benefits as well cannot be ruled out. Therefore any business can make the best use of it.

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