Free online tools to boost SEO efforts

Free online tools to boost SEO efforts

SEO is not new to every single online marketer today. Hence we can straight away jump into what we are to discuss in this blog. You know keyword analysis, keyword planning, link building, guest blog, social bookmarking, inbound links, outbound links and most importantly on-page and off-page SEO. These activities are the routine of every single SEO Executive in the world more or less. Even though all these are simple to do; only an SEO Executives know what it means to do these. Well, smart ones are already utilizing online resources to optimize their work. Their productivity is way far beyond than the ones not using these SEO tools. Most importantly, their ROI speaks a ton about their finesse. If you’re already wondering what are those tools? Find them below


SEO tools for 2019



Now let us say your boss assigned you a task of writing down possible services the competitors will have. What will you do? You check for your competitor services and search it as a keyword if they are present. Generic ones click, but there is something beyond that. For example, when I search for restaurants serving starters near me, there is another person who might search for restaurants searching French fries near me. Having the former as your keyword will actually help in getting results, but not quality ones. Hence you need to see different possibilities.

But your boss may not be convinced with your work if you present something which is not even in practice. So you need expert support and that will be given by Soovle. Logon to Soovle and type CAD Chinese Restaurants. It will list different possibilities such as Chinese Restaurants serving Pork Salad etc. Hence you have the right possibilities to look out for.

HubSpot Website Grader

You developed a website and it is already online. You’re also serving quite a lot of readers’ every day. But do you know what they feel about your site? Do you know why they’re visiting your site? Do you know their opinion on your site? If you say no to all these then you must regularly use HubSpot Website Grader which offers a lot of insights on your website. You’ll get to know what to do where and improve more website traffic. Do you need more good reasons to use it? So use it regularly to optimize your site performance.

Merge Words

Let us say you have two keywords which are quite essential to your business and you want to mingle both. How will you do that? For example, your keywords will be something like Embedded Systems and IoT. You need a connecting word and a service that makes sense. You don’t know how to mingle them. This is when Merge Words tool come to your rescue. With this, you can do multiple keyword combinations and most importantly they are services which exist in the market.

Responsive Design Checker

Dynamic website responsive to all devices is the need of the hour. You look at a website with wonderful appealing design and you wish to look at the same in mobile and tablet. The same design might not reflect. This is a point where you might lose terribly. So you can always check if your website is responsive to all devices with Responsive Design Checker online.

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