Generating Business through Social Media

Generating Business through Social Media

When you think about generating business, social media is definitely not the first thing that comes to your mind….but maybe it should. Over 75% of the business to business buyers incorporate social media as a key component of their decision-making process. Thus, social channels have become essential to build successful relationships with customers and prospects at every stage of the customer lifecycle.  The organizations that employ lead generation strategies on social media achieve better results throughout the sales funnel. You can build brand awareness, generate conversions, achieve better sales productivity, and generate higher revenues. In this blog, we are outlining ways in which you can generate leads via social media platforms.

  • Special Offers

As everyone loves freebies, so you can consider offering giveaways or hosting sweepstakes on social media. People enjoy sharing such campaigns on their social media and if you include an entry form, you can capture important lead data. You can incorporate a way for entrants to share their offer via social channels at the end of the form. This will enable the entrants to share the offer through their social platforms. Using this method the participants can spread the word within their community and with every mention, the customer engagement improves.

  • Surveys and Polls

Instead of assuming what your target audience cares about, you can simply ask them! You can gain a wealth of knowledge from your followers. Polls provide a unique way for people to express their opinions. You can get feedback on how people are using your product; understand their pain points and what they expect from your product. You can also offer incentives to increase the response rate.

  • Paid Social Ads

Today advertising on social media platforms has become more important than ever with the recent updates in social networks’ algorithms. These updates are made to provide a better user experience so customers see more relevant content and less promotional content. As a marketer, you may need to supplement your organic posts with paid social ads to get your posts seen. You may need to leverage the right platform and targeting options to make sure you are going after the audience who will find value in your content. While promoting your posts, make sure you include a strong call-to-action to get effective ROI and generate conversions.

  • Discount Codes

Discount codes and flash deals are a great method to increase your brand awareness and generate demand. By including a time constraint and a strong call-to-action, you can create a sense of urgency for people to respond to your campaigns.

  • Promote Gated Content

By promoting gated content on various social media channels you can easily generate leads. You can develop posts which direct to your landing page where users are prompted to fill out a form. This will help you generate new leads as well as nurture the existing ones in your marketing database. It is important that your social media posts are catchy and capture the interest of your followers. You can use gifs, images or stats to visually tell your content story. The landing page must have a minimal design and should be simple.

You can also use referral campaigns to engage your followers. You can create a compelling offer for both referrers as well as referees such as cash incentives or gift card. Social networks provide you a fast and low-cost way to generate leads. So you must consider investing in social media as a lead generator.

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