How Is Social Media Marketing Beneficial For B2B?

How Is Social Media Marketing Beneficial For B2B?

Social media doesn’t need any introduction. It means blood and soul for many of us isn’t it? Right from the time we wake up and till the time we go to bed; social media has so much to do with our lives. B2C brands are entertaining us in many different ways to get our attention in social media. Most of them have a digital only strategy and they do have a good conversion rate from the same. But when it comes to B2B, social media has always been considered to be irrelevant. On the other hand, we have B2B brands which are still generating leads through social media marketing. But how social media works for B2B? Is a digital only strategy good for a B2B business? Let us take a detailed look.


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Gateway to your Site

You always need an external source to bring in traffic to your site right? So that external source will be your social media page. Even if you’re not doing anything, a regular social media activity will ensure there is regular flow of traffic to your site. This will in turn help you generate relevant leads. For example, let us say you’re making a post with the hashtag of a specific keyword. Now someone who really needs that service might look at your post and will eventually come to your site. This is quite a lay Manish thought process people say. But several quality leads are generated this way.

All are using Social Media

You can simply say business owners do not use social media profiles and keep scrolling through. But let us not forget, they are also humans like us. They too want to have all the worldly fun. Hence they as well come to social media. But you need to understand when they do so and hit accordingly that time. If you’re there at the wrong time, you probably won’t get a hold of them. Hence measure your timing and do things accordingly.

You Can Target your Specific Audience

Social media is nothing but a collection of likeminded forums. While some are here to time pass, some are in social media to understand industry practices and reports. Hence you need to identify your target audience and target them with your content online. Hence you get to talk to your audience straight away rather than a spray and pray method like paid or display content. Several brands are using social media post engagement strategy to get more hits to their site atleast.

Nurturing your Audience

There are different stages involved in dealing with leads. People who see display advertisements and come to you followed by the ones who listen to word-of-mouth appreciations etc. They first ask for the service and agree to avail the service. But some may not like the way it is offered or couldn’t afford and they step back. Most of them step back because they don’t understand the product or service. Such people need to be nurtured. Here social media comes to play. You can nurture such audience on the importance of the product and win them over. This is a slow process. But once it starts converting, you’ll reap huge benefits.

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