How Remote Working Can Enhance Creativity In Digital Marketing!

How Remote Working Can Enhance Creativity In Digital Marketing!

Benefits Of Remote Working

Remote working has seen a significant rise over the years with the advent of digital technologies. The employees and firms have slowly become more comfortable and creative in distributed and remote work. It could be because of the dispersed talent pool, increased commuting time, climate change, health issues, etc. One of the sectors that have enjoyed the services of remote employees is digital marketing. As most of the work in digital marketing revolves around the digital world and rarely there is physical contact among its clients. Hence it is essential for digital marketing firms to set their workforce in such a way that remote working becomes hassle-free.

The workforce of the firms should be aware of the reporting relationships. Each employee should know the invigilator of the particular work and should report accordingly. They should be clear about the working hours and breaks.

The management should assure regular feedback and check-in to the employees and share their priorities with them. There should be the maximum use of the technology to synergize the work across the organization and working remote should not become a lonely endeavor. The supervisors should ensure the real-time monitoring of the work and should interact face-to-face routinely with the staff. The shift to virtual conversations and remote work is smarter than the routined desk-based job as it offers many benefits.

  • Remote working offers the employee to connect and work in real-time. It avoids longer commutation for work and delays in collaborative spaces. Remote working offers real-time learning and delivery of work. Many studies have shown that the productivity of the workforce increases by many folds after working remotely.
  • It reduces carbon footprint.
  • Remote working enhances the efficiency of the employees as they tend to keep up with the deadlines and budget.
  • Most of the digital marketing job requires interacting with the client on the phone. Employees are more comfortable in pitching their ideas while on the couch rather than on stringent chairs.
  • Remote working has allowed firms to enhance their geographical boundaries.

The shift to working from home is though easy but requires certain aspects to increase productivity and performance. The employee should have a dedicated place to work for efficient performance. It is crucial to have a good lighting system, comfortable sitting space, access to internet, etc. for an efficient working environment.

Remote working starts with a specific routine that must be followed by the working team regularly. A good balance of structure and flexibility in the work is the key to enhance the creativity of the workforce. Specific deadlines and schedules not only enhance the workflow but also bring an understanding and responsibility among the staff.

A good relationship between the management and the staff is crucial to thriving in a remote workplace. The management should make a continuous effort to build the trust of the employees and gain as many insights as they can from the feedback of the employees. There should be a scheduled focused time on socializing with your colleagues. The employees should maintain a proactive approach in communicating with the team and should follow the regular updates from the management.

As more and more people are turning to work remotely, it is also essential to consider some of the hurdles that a remote workplace can face. Care should be taken in hiring the employees. Remote work doesn’t mean holding an authoritative approach but it requires the management to work in collaboration with its employees. Most remote workplaces fail because the management has a difficult time in managing the employees. This can be solved bt micro-managing the remote team while creating a clear shared expectation from them.

Forcing employees to work hampers the creativity of the product or service, so maintaining flexibility in the schedule can enhance the performance. Also, remote working has solved the problem of quantity over quality as firms can now focus on the quality as they save a significant amount of budget by working remotely.

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