How to Get Quality Backlinks For Your Website?

How to Get Quality Backlinks For Your Website?

Every SEO professional has a very big challenge to face in the most basic level and i.e. identifying quality backlinks. Smart ones identify backlinks and ride ahead with ease, but others are still stuck in knowing the right SEO practices. Getting quality backlinks is not a big challenge provided you follow some basic principles. These principles are far simpler than you think. They might sound greek and latin by words, but we use it is more connected to our daily business routine. Traditionally, some of them have been quite prevalent and even now they are in place. Here are some of them.

Online PR

Yes, public relation is the first most important aspect of quality backlinks. Traditionally newspapers and magazines carryout interview of happening companies as well as the individuals who run them. It gets wider recognition if it is a woman run company or run by a young entrepreneur. This is completely a marketing strategy. There are lots of women, who are looking for inspiration to start-off and so are the youngsters. These stories help them understand how it all started and let them connect with the scenario. As all these publications are now inching towards digital space to capture the market, they are looking for stories and if you have a unique story about you and your organization, then you’re the winner.

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Keep it Original

The most vulnerable thing about online publication is plagiarism. Millions of sites exist and all are the same. There is one original site, which served as an inspiration for the rest. But several others have simply plagiarized what the original one did. All organizations are facing the same challenge. But we have tools which will help us differentiate the original and the duplicate one. You don’t want to be part of the big list on the latter right? If so, keep your entire site content original and keep it simple for everyone to understand. If you manage to do this, you will get humongous gains. As they always say, honesty is the best policy.

Align Social Signals

This might sound greek and latin to you. But this is nothing but adding redirection icons of all your social media pages to your website. Yes, this helps people better in knowing your digital presence. They don’t know the name of your social media page in different platforms. These icons help them understand all of it with ease. Placement is the most important factor. You need to place those icons in the right place to grab attention. For example, placing them on the top right corner near the page buttons will help them see this. But whereas placing them on the bottom corner will hardly get noticed.

Setup Inbound & Outbound Links

Do you know the best website in the world? Definitely, an expert will pin point Wikipedia. The reason is the amount of page redirections both internal and external. While reading the black texts, you will find some blue texts which are hyperlinked. At least 10-15 times in a paragraph you will find this and this helps people to come across your site while searching for the ones you hyperlinked. Also, when people search for a particular keyword, the inbound links that you connected also shows up. Wikipedia never invested on online presence. They’re also not monetizing their site. They accept donations and run the show. But their biggest strength is the rich knowledge and all the linking.

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