How to Improve Engagement in LinkedIn?

How to Improve Engagement in LinkedIn?

Ask any working professional where do they follow their inspiration and their prompt response will be LinkedIn. Yes, several professionals are available in LinkedIn and they get abundant information that is useful for them to go ahead in their career. But unlike its counterparts Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, LinkedIn failed to impress its users due to weak user experience. Infact several professionals don’t bother to be in LinkedIn just due to its user experience. Recently, to improve user experience, lot of design transformations took place. Despite that still we can find a couple of drawbacks in the overall user experience. Due to this, many refrain from advertising in LinkedIn, but if yours is a B2B company you will benefit more out of LinkedIn. Here are some tips to improve engagement in LinkedIn.


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Try Showcase Pages

Showcase pages are a spotlight for your brand and your business areas. While a Company Page will be the primary one, Showcase page will be secondary. This page meant for people who wish to follow specific aspects of your organization. For example, let us say you’re running a CRM firm and a major chunk of your clients are from healthcare and finance. Here we will have some people who wish to know the innovations carried out by you in healthcare space alone. That person can follow your company’s showcase page on healthcare CRM.

Leverage Infographics

The difference between B2B and B2C crowd is the difference in their viewpoint. When it comes to B2C, you will talk about basic facts and hidden secrets. Whereas in case of B2B, you need to provide concrete information and the primary details of the information you’re presenting. Primarily, you need to present data in the form of infographics. This will boost your credibility and people bother to take you seriously.

Increase Publishing Volume

Publishing in social media differ from one platform to another. So does your audience reaction. For example, people say tweet as much as possible in Twitter for more reach. They also say post twice or thrice a week in Facebook. Also we hear post informational content in LinkedIn. What they didn’t tell you is how much to post. Infact you can post as much as possible in LinkedIn. If the information which you’ve given is informative and makes sense to the reader, he/she will read how much ever you post. Increasing your publishing volume in LinkedIn is a strategy which will offer you the most of all benefits.

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