How to Improve your Instagram Engagement?

How to Improve your Instagram Engagement?

Instagram is now becoming the millennial and Gen Z hotspot. With parents thronging to Facebook and Twitter, kids are now becoming active in Instagram. The presence of this young population is giving a boost to fashion, retail, travel and food businesses. Yes, we get to see a lot of them posting in Instagram on the same. Hence these businesses are thronging here with advertisements to grab their attention. But several business leaders are amateurs that they never understand how to get more engagement. Here are some basic tips to improve engagement in Instagram for your business.


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Start Conversation with Story Stickers

Nothing can be more eye-catching than Instagram stories nowadays. Organic reach for single posts are draining as people are not that much interested to check every single post they scroll through. But when it comes to a story, people tend to halt for a while and checkout. So as a brand if you give more importance to stories on your business page than single posts, you’ll have more engagement instantly.

Longer Captions

Keep the content short in social media is what people say. But unlikely that is not going to work in all cases. In Instagram, people are most likely to stick to a page and understand what it is. Hence the chances of reading content however long are very high. Also, it is important to note that the content is worth a read.

Collaborate with Influencers & Brands

With the incoming of Instagram, we get to see the mushrooming of influencers and brands focusing on younger population. These influencers command so much respect among a mass crowd that they influence their buying decisions. So you can always try to collaborate with these influencers and also with brands that are similar to yours. Anyhow, with those brands you’ll just try to understand what is what.

Give More Importance to Hashtags

Hashtags are now the key to get the attention of a new crowd. Several Instagrammers are now widely using hashtags. Infact, they’re using more number of hashtags to get that attention. You can categorize hashtags based on your business, scenario, target audience and a lot more. This practice will ensure you get attention from people beyond your limits.

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