How to use Facebook for B2B?

How to use Facebook for B2B?

A decade or more passed since Facebook came into the limelight. And this period marked the era of disruption in the digital space. It is not only about marketing, but the way we look at the world itself changed. There’s no denying of the fact that we do have other social media platforms, but not all are making a difference. While millennials throng to Instagram and Snapchat, celebrities linger at Twitter. But Facebook is the only platform where everyone unanimously rush to.


Lead Generation Through Facebook


Zuckerberg’s model of attracting everyone seems to work a lot. Fashion, retail and several other businesses are thronging to advertise here. They are deriving the best of all results too. At the same time, a particular faction keeps itself away from Facebook given the B2C centric approach.

Apparently, they haven’t understood Zuckerberg’s pleasing all approach. Facebook categorizes advertisements into three i.e. awareness, consideration and conversion. So they help you create brand awareness, driving traffic to your digital assets and give you sales ready leads. You might think fashion, retail, e-commerce etc. will benefit out of this. In the contrary, even B2B crowd as well can generate leads and indulge in brand awareness. How does Facebook help B2B is the question running in your mind, then here are some facts you need to know.

Location Based Targeting & Interest Based Targeting

The best part of Facebook is location based targeting. This exists in other platforms too, you get to target people based on their location and their interest. Facebook goes an extra mile by making it less expensive and offering a wide range of audience. Let us say you’re selling some SaaS based product that is useful for tech companies. You can target Silicon Valley as the location and SaaS as the interest. This will get you relevant leads and you get more based on what you spend.


You targeted a particular set of audience sometime before. Out of that, you didn’t get desired results. This could be because they were not interested that time. For example, you might have targeted them based on the need for sweaters in a monsoon time. Nobody needs sweaters that time right? You can retarget them later i.e. either a month before winter starts.

Look-a-like Audience

You targeted B2B audience based on their interest and location i.e. Silicon Valley. Well, Silicon Valley is one place where several tech innovations are happening. But it is not the only place where it is happening. Los Angeles and Texas are other locations where you can find a sizable number of tech innovations happening. So you can target B2B audience in these places.

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