How to Write Content for B2B Audience?

How to Write Content for B2B Audience?

If you’re reading this content, you definitely know the difference between B2C and B2B. You very well know the industry that you’re focusing on and you know content is king. But what you might not be aware is what to writer and essentially how to write. When you write for a B2C crowd, you can be very generic and simple in terms of facts. Also, in certain cases, you need not worry about claims and opinions made. Hence in B2C you’re addressing to people who are seeking opinion, but whereas in B2B you’re addressing the market movers. Here the decision makers are well informed and smart enough. They will look for in-depth details and a convincing tone. Several people find it more difficult to address the B2B audience. Here are some of the pointers that might help you impress your B2B audience with content.


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Understand Their Knowledge Level

CEO, CFO, managers, senior professionals and executives are the target audience in B2B. An executive’s knowledge level is limited that he/she will take instructions from their managers and work. Senior professionals turn out to be a subject matter expert who guides managers. Then we have the top level such as CEOs, CFOs, founders, president, vice president etc. who are more into strategic decision making and expanding the business empire. You need to understand what they will be looking for and present the right content to them which will be your USP. If your content is hitting them straight on their pain points, you get to be their confidante.

Be Upto the Point

When you’re addressing B2B audience, always remember they will never bother to listen if your content is not conveying the solution for their problems. That is the reason why several information based sites are not able to get the same traffic which creamy ones get. Very few have made up to the top and stay relevant for quite a long time.

Highlight Features & Benefits

If you want to showcase your product, you probably should first talk about the features and benefits of it. You might have developed the best product in the world, but people to know only when they see what is in it for them. If you say, using your product their get to save more energy, yes you have a chance to standout and capture a whole market. If you say your product has a unique feature that is not valid in other products, again you have the potential to capture a market. So always highlight your features and benefits.

Give Importance to Analytics

As we discussed before, B2C won’t bother about the numbers. But a professional will always look at the numbers. Hence you need to give more importance to analytics. While writing, you have to talk with statistics and numbers that too with complete authentication. If you fail to authenticate the information given, your content might be called biased and even there are possibilities of blacklisting. Hence give more importance to analytics while writing for B2B audience and while doing content marketing.


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