How Top Brands Are Winning With Digital Marketing!

How Top Brands Are Winning With Digital Marketing!

Create A Winning Digital Marketing Strategy


Digital marketing is a form of marketing that makes use of all forms of digital technology in one way or another to promote a product or service. The technology comprises of social media, mobile applications, email, web applications, search engines, websites, or any new digital channel. It makes use of electronic devices and has been around for decades since the invention of the first radio device.

With the advancement in technology, social media has come to the forefront and has been updating people with trending global affairs. The conventional methods of marketing like billboards, posters, and flyers don’t have the same impact on people as it used to be in earlier times. But People are always indulged in their mobile phones and other sources of digital entertainment non-stop. This has given the companies to shift their marketing focus from traditional medium to a digital one.

Digital marketing has become the need of manufacturers and industries to promote their products and services. As the number of people spending more and more time on their electronic devices is only going to rise hence, the conventional ways of marketing will eventually die out. This has made many leading companies put their major share of expense at digital marketing and have almost opted out from conventional practices of advertisement.

The best brands around the globe are relying on data derived from digital marketing to identify new market opportunities. They are developing consumer strategies as per their marketing initiative. This has given them a chance to optimize their campaigns and content as per the need of the consumers.

Everyone is already familiar with the brand Lego as it has been a big part of our lives from our childhood days with their awe-inspiring products. When they released their first global brand campaign 30 years ago titled “Rebuild the world”. It wasn’t about promoting their toy products but an attempt to tackle bigger issues like climate change, transphobia with the hope that it will inspire our future generation to take a closer look at important social issues. It shows that top brands are here not only to earn higher revenue but also wants to stand for the greater good.

The focus of most of the top brands is to visually perfect in their exhibition of products. Each brand ensures that all of its products look good visually while marketing. Most of the top brands use platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to further the design of their products. It is a great way to engage customers digitally. Some reports suggest that more than 90% of all customer engagement is through Instagram. Businesses are enhancing their website experience and working creatively to make their product visually stunning.

Apple is a great example that uses style and visual to exhibit its products digitally. Its primary focus is always on the product design and visuals while only few lines of content are written for the product description. Digital marketing has enabled them to be present in the right places and among relevant conversations. It has helped them engage their customers in a unique and effective way.

It is very important for the brand to make its customer understand the significance of its products. The brands are continuously focusing on strengthening their emotional connection with the customers. Customers, on the other hand, create a network of referrals and help build brand loyalty. A consumer should know the purpose of the existence of a particular brand and how that brand is offering solutions.

Zappos is a leading online shoe commerce website. They have set the bar for other websites on how to use digital marketing. They provide the best customer care services to their consumers with policies like 365-days money-back guarantee with free shipping both ways. In fact, their policies are so appealing that they hardly have to put much effort into their promotions as their customers can’t stop singing praises among other people.

Content marketing and SEO is another way by which top companies are influencing their customers. Blogs and articles have become a necessity for every company to offer their reasons and solutions to various problems within their sectors. They are delivering information to enhance the potential of their products and attract a larger share of the audience. Content marketing helps a brand to describe their products in detail so as to make the customer understand the products better.

Businesses should understand that in order to create a brand reputation, they have to diversify their marketing strategies. They should promote the idea of the customer as the sole benefactor while offering services to the overall good of society.

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