Important Jargons for a Marketing Content Writer

Important Jargons for a Marketing Content Writer

Writing content for marketing is becoming highly competitive. At the same time, it is saturating more. Not all who claim to be content writers are delivering the right content to their target audience. For the naïve ones to improve there exists some jargons which are to be known by a marketing content writer by default. Every senior marketing professional is aware of these jargons and has been researching and working based on them. Here are some of them.


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Target Audience

You run a Cartoon show. Your target audience will be kids and you write a cook book for which your target audience will be home makers. Likewise, you need to identify whom do you want to sell your product to. Several people will say all are my customers, but this answer is toxic to your business as it becomes that your brand is without a proper direction. Every marketing content writer has to emphasize more on this jargon and give it utmost importance. You need to see what your target audience wants to read and inculcate those essentials in your content to get their attention.

Buyer Persona

Let us say, you’re just getting onto to your first job. As per this scenario, you’re a young adult and you don’t have a very big buying capacity. You’re peppy, most likely you party quite often, probably you have a girlfriend, you have new ideas, fast paced and you want instant results.

When you write content, all these aspects have to be covered without fail. Only if you understand your buyer in and out, you can produce content for him. This is a step ahead of putting yourselves in the shoes of the buyer.

Buying Decision & Capacity

Baby diapers are the best example to explain this one. Diapers are used for babies. But will you approach the babies to buy these Diapers? They do not have the buying capacity. It is their parents who buy on their behalf. They see what is right and what suits. Hence you need to write content for audience based on buying decision and capacity as well.

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