Improving SEO Efforts with Pinterest

Improving SEO Efforts with Pinterest

Purpose of each and every social media platform is different. Twitter is for micro-blogging, Instagram for photo sharing, Quora for question & answer and Facebook for staying connected with your friends and most importantly, LinkedIn for career. Every new social media platform comes to serve a new purpose. So does Pinterest which allows someone to discover information using images, GIFs and videos. This happens elsewhere right? We have a website to publish videos and images too. But with Pinterest, you get to reach millions instantly. For example, if you’re running an e-commerce site you will spend a lot in affiliate marketing. But with Pinterest, you end up doing it for free and get more visibility instantly that too from relevant crowd. Marketers are using Pinterest as a platform to compliment their SEO efforts. Here are certain ways to do it the right way.


SEO Through Pinterest


Optimizing your Profile

Several leading brands are the ones which have survived for a long time and especially the ones which stood relevant. To stay relevant in the digital world, you have to keep updating your profile in all your social media profiles. Pinterest especially requires it more as the audience here are dynamic. They always want new things to see. They simply skip old stuffs. Hence to let Pinterest compliment your SEO efforts, you need to optimize your profile every now and then.

Setting up a Board

Before creating a pin, it is always recommended to create a board. Creating a board is like having a specific folder for your files. Let us say you’ve files on e-commerce and affiliate marketing all in one folder. In case, if you have to refer to e-commerce you need to search the whole folder. But by keeping both in separate folders, you actually keep it more organized and sorting out files will become easier.

SEO Friendly Naming

Gone are the days of poetic writing. Nowadays whatever we see is based on clear understanding. People want to understand upfront. Moreover, SEO based writing is taking the front space elsewhere. To compliment your SEO efforts, you need to name your titles based on the SEO principles. Compulsorily, you have to use keywords essential to your business.

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