Is this the App Age?

Is this the App Age?

Smartphones were launched just a decade before. But it has picked up pace so soon that even the remotest of all towns in some parts are well connected now. Even the computers didn’t grow this much in a short span of time. Only after 2 or 3 decades, we got a portable version of a desktop computer i.e. laptop. Anyway, the advent of smartphones also earmarks the era of applications or shortly known as apps. For everything we have an app today. Be it a reminder or bill payment or money transaction or online shopping, we have one for everything. You name one single task and for that you have an app. Hence people call it the App Age. But the question is, are getting more inclined towards apps? Well, we all should personally ask ourselves if it is true. But breaking that fact, here are some tasks which were simplified well with the advent of apps.


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Online Transactions

How did we send money before to someone else? We either go to that respective bank and deposit money or we go to them in person and give in cash. With internet banking, it did change a bit. We could do transactions online, but we had to sit in front of a computer to do so.

But with smartphones, you don’t need any authentication or a proper website to go do it. You just need the app and an authentication code. You can feed these and send money to anyone from anywhere. The number of banking transactions has increased considerably with transaction through apps in the recent years.

Utility Bill Payments

Like online transactions, bill payments too were tough. We had to stand in a long queue to pay our bills once upon a time, but with apps, you can connect your banking app feed the authentication and pay in just a click. Therefore, you don’t have to stand in long queues to pay your bills. Be it electricity, telephone, water tax etc. you can pay everything online. Just that you need the right app.

Online Shopping

The most important of all is online shopping apps. Like bill payments and money transactions, online shopping is also now simple. If you have registered an account in Amazon or Walmart, you can easily add items to the cart pay and get the product delivered at your doorstep (sooner or later).

Hence we have all the right reasons to call this the app age. Some even say, the app age is dying due to slow progress. Once the glitches are fixed and it is made more secure, apps get more optimized and the usage will go higher like never before.

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