Latest updates on Google AdWords

Latest updates on Google AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the most sought after platforms for online advertisements. Well, if it is the search engine who doesn’t give that importance? Yes, reaching to the first page of Google Search is something we all dream about. Some go extra mile and do whatever it takes to get there. Google Ads is the best and instantaneous way to reach that first result page for all the potential keywords.

Several marketers have mastered it and tweak it with their deep knowledge. But learning is a continuous process as they say and hence this product of Google too never lets you go that easily. In early June 2019, Google AdWords came with some updates, which is looking more pragmatic and exciting for all digital folks. Here are some of them


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New Discovery Ads Format & Ads in the Google Discovery Feed

If Google is for search engines, Facebook is for Social Media. Both hold monopoly in their dominions, but both do try to navigate further and eat into each other’s pockets. So to counter Facebook’s monopoly over social media, Google did come up with its own platforms like Orkut, G+ etc. But not all shined well. Discovery Ads is its new trump card.

Last year Google brought the feed into its fundamental portable application. Why? It was likely a strategic move attempting to get a bit of the channel based example of substance utilization right now cornered by Facebook. For the primary year, this feed didn’t have any advertisements whatsoever. Yet, that has quite recently changed with the declaration (and private beta commencement) of the “Discovery Ad” unit.

The new arrangement is comprised of 4 principle components, a huge, brilliant image (Google won’t acknowledge stock photographs, low-quality photographs, watermarks or delay message), a 40 character feature, a 90-character portrayal and an invitation to take action catch. The organization will utilize AI to blend and match the inventive to the group of spectators so you can enter up to 5 distinct pictures, features, and depictions. The promotion unit is right now in private beta and will be discharged to sponsors everywhere later in 2019.

Gallery Ads Bring Images to Search

Simplicity is one word which defines Google. Right from the beginning, it has been quite simple and no clumsy additions ever existed on the Google Search Home Page. So you should always look at Google inside than its outer look. They did make some incremental changes, but overall it has remained the same. But now, they are adding one more element to their simplicity and that will be Gallery Ads.

As per Google, by consolidating search goal with an increasingly intelligent visual organization, display advertisements make it simpler for you to impart what your image brings to the table.

Google Shopping was Reinvented & Showcase Ads got Increased Reach

Google Search Engine is undoubtedly the gateway to our world of online shopping. Apart from that, Google has also attempted to launch its own shopping portal too. So if you’re searching for shirts and trousers online, Google will list its own products by the side and you won’t have any trouble searching for the best ecommerce portal.

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