Make Your Website Accessible For Everyone

Make Your Website Accessible For Everyone

The Internet is now a global phenomenon and majorly affects various aspects of our lives. Can you imagine a world without the Internet?

The internet unites people around the globe, helps us to receive news and knowledge, stores documents, plans travel routes, and even maintains our health. However, not all of the websites care about the accessibility of their content.

There are many websites that are inaccessible to older people or people with disabilities.

Businesses should know the importance of accessibility of web content, especially now during the pandemic. Most of the people are at home due to lockdown and rely on the web for news and information.

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What Does Website Accessibility Mean?

About 15% of people on Earth have certain defects in hearing, vision, movement, or cognitive abilities. Access to information for such people is included in the list of human rights, but most of the websites aren’t available to them. There is a need for websites to be properly designed and coded to make sure a certain level of accessibility.

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Ways to create a website Accessible

After understanding all about accessibility, it becomes imperative for you to understand how you can make your website accessible. When creating a very high-quality website, the question of its availability for all categories of users regardless of their physical capabilities and limitations should be one of the priority tasks.

Below are a couple of points which will assist you in making your website friendly for all types of users:

  • Check If Your Website Is Keyboard Friendly: This is the primary and the most vital step. Many assistive technologies are dependent on keyboard navigation. Therefore, you need to check if your website works without a mouse.
  • Content On the website should Be Easily Accessible: If your website contains dynamic content, you should make sure that all the content is easily accessible to the users. You can add tags to the website content to clearly define the page.
  • Add Alternate Text to all Images: Alternative text acts as a replacement for the image, just in case the image doesn’t open then you can click on the alternate text to open the image. You can also describe the image (image captions, etc.) so that the users can get the context of the image.
  • Be Careful While Choosing The Colors: You need to make sure that the colors you choose on your website contrast with each other so that everyone can differentiate between different components on the page. You should always set a dark color against a light one so that colors don’t blend into each other.
  • Enable Resizable Text: The use of resizable text avoids the text from breaking on the page and is also be helpful for people with visual impairments. You should avoid specifying your text size using pixels so that you can enable the text to scale depending on other content and screen size.
  • Voice Recognition: With the emergence of Siri, Alexa, and other similar gadgets, voice control has become increasingly popular. There are many people around the world who can’t access the system with their hands due to injury, disease, etc. However, all of them will be able to manage the site by voice only if the website allows it.
  • Video Subtitles: Deaf and other people with hearing problems watch internet videos, but it is difficult to understand those videos for them if they aren’t accompanied by subtitles. Adding text to a video isn’t so difficult, so think about it.
  • Text Pronunciation: Visually impaired or completely blind people use specialized software that translates text into speech. However, this software will not be able to determine what’s in the image if you do not enter the text as the alt tags.

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Great User Experiences for Everybody

Increasing the accessibility of website content will bring you greater profit and make it easier for people to use it. If you would like a visitor to become your client, give him the chance to interact with your site. It’s not plenty of work and you’ll only benefit from it.

When it comes to Web Development Services, our team of professionals knows how to build a website rich in functionality and perspective. We make sure to use our creativity to ensure everything that has to be done for your business. Depending on who you and your customers are, we will help assess the extent of accessibility on your website. The most effective way to ensure proper web design practices is to partner with a reliable web design agency

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