New Social Media Channels in 2019

New Social Media Channels in 2019

The period from 2000 to 2019 is the age of social media we can say. It all started with Orkut, the failed social media venture of Google. Then it went on to Facebook, which is now ruling the social media space. In the recent past, Instagram and Snapchat emerged as the most favored. Apart from this, we have Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and several other platforms making strides in a different way. The exodus of Social Media doesn’t seem to be stopping. Every year some new platforms keep emerging. In 2019, we have a plenty of them which serves of the purpose of already existing ones in a different way. Here are some of them.


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If you hear someone saying there are no advertisements while you browse through a platform will it not delight you? Vero is one such platform. It is more similar to Instagram and their no ad policy is creating so many opportunities for them. Experts believe a sizable number of people from Instagram could actually shift to this platform owing to its simplicity. Even though there are various other social media platforms similar to Instagram, people prefer Vero over others. Hence it has a very good potential to rule the market if promoted in the right way.

Twitter was so popular in the beginning because it promoted micro-blogging. Less content always reaches many people. works on that way. Yes, it has 15 seconds to 1 minute content. varies from Snapchat in that it centers around 15 seconds to 1-minute recordings. Additionally, you can pick soundtracks to go with the video and utilize diverse speed impacts and channels. Utilizing, you can likewise make shorter recordings called “live minutes,” which are basically GIFS with music. Clients can likewise remuse sounds made by different clients and communicate with others through “Pose an Inquiry,” “Two part harmony,” and “Best Fan Forever” highlights.


What on the planet is the fixation on upvotes? What’s more, what number of containers of “likes” does it take to purchase a Ferrari? What I’m stating is, on the off chance that you’re making so much substance, at that point for what reason aren’t you getting paid for it? This is the issue that the people over at Steemit are endeavoring to settle with their new internet based life stage. It is kept running on the Steem blockchain with STEEM digital money. This stores the substance in a permanent blockchain record and rewards clients for their commitments with advanced STEEM tokens.

Tik Tok

This platform was known for all the bad reasons in the recent past. Still people have not stopped liking it. Everybody wants it so badly. As of the first half of 2018, it was the most downloaded app thereby clearly indicating high demand for short form video content. India banned this app for some time around April May 2019. Again it is now open for downloads.


Meetup straddles the partition between an online informal community and a genuine interpersonal organization. You can utilize the online instruments to discover gatherings and occasions that match your interests, at that point go up to the gathering’s next meetup. On the off chance that you live in a major city, the accessible meetups can be as differing as games groups to language learning gatherings. In increasingly provincial territories, the decisions can be progressively restricted.

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