Outsourcing Your SEO Services To The Right Agency

Outsourcing Your SEO Services To The Right Agency

Online marketing is quite competitive and making a mark in this space is not as easy as you think. Some bother to set a team, understand the pros and cons and manage activities ranging from social media to media planning and finally to SEO. Of all, SEO is the most important part. Well, this is quite contrast to what we are supposed to discuss right? But it does come with some connections.

SEO is one of the essential tasks a company should take forward with utmost care. Hence you need an expert. Hiring an in-house expert or to an agency is the answer to get it done with ease. But when outsourcing this work to an agency, you often end up choosing the wrong agency. Confused already? Here are some questions you should ask an agency before hiring them as your partners.

How Long in Business

The most important aspect you should be worried about. Longevity is the key to measure the success rate of any business. Arguments might exist saying deliverables is the key to success etc. But fundamentally, longevity is always the best factor to consider if a business is right for you or not. At least in case of SEO, this is more applicable. Nobody comes with instant knowledge of SEO and if anyone says so, it is obviously a bluff. An organization should’ve stood tough times and developed a robust strategy to survive. Investing in such an organization will be a great value addition for your business.

Emphasis on Deliverables

While approaching, some agencies come with an overall plan and blindly say you will achieve this much traffic for the respective period. But what they never tell you is the breakdown of the specifications. On the other hand, you might require leads and they deliver impressions. Hence they should explain whether they are offering leads or impressions. Most importantly, for example, your target audience will be different and achieving numbers alone is the not the key. Even if you get 10 visits a month, all the 10 should convert as they will be relevant to you.

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Skills matching with Trends

SEO is a vast subject and it has been expanding more and more since the time search engine was invented. At the end of the day, it matters what knowledge is required for your business. If you run an ecommerce portal, you need SEO strategy with strong keyword research and better ecommerce site architecture. The agency you hire should come with these skills and they must be the industry leaders in the same. But always ensure, you don’t hire an agency with only the basic exposure to SEO as it is more of hiring the wrong person for your business.

Reporting Structure

Another important aspect is how they report. Some report every single progress weekly with a report and some do it monthly. But, this depends on how fast you want. Weekly reports keep you aware of the progress every now and then. In case a mistake is happening, you can fix it then and there. But again the process for which you’re using it matters. For example, monthly reports might work for certain type of businesses. These are suggestions which the agency should offer you.

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