Pros and Cons of Objective Based Ads in LinkedIn

Pros and Cons of Objective Based Ads in LinkedIn

LinkedIn is undoubtedly the most underrated platform. But for its user experience and high advertisement cost, LinkedIn as a social media platform has all the good features for marketers to make use of. Amateur marketers abruptly rule out LinkedIn from their list of online platforms to advertise. But they are losing out on a targeted crowd who are quite responsive to every single post they scroll through. Objective Based Ads is an important and newly built feature of LinkedIn. The updated Campaign Manager allows you to do innovation at all levels and achieve desired results. The new objective based ads are making rounds in the internet world. Let us understand its pros and cons.


Pros & Cons Of LinkedIn Marketing 2019



  • Verified & High-Level Audience

The advantage of LinkedIn is people are distinguished based on their designation. People never see the name. They just see the designation and profile. Hence with Objective Based Ads, you can target specifically to the high level profiles.

  • Ease of Use

The new update of LinkedIn has removed all the bugs that were costing its user experience. Hence now with the new feature ease of use has improved in LinkedIn. The same which takes hours to operate is now happening in a click of a button.

  • Direct Delivery to Inbox

Unlike other platforms, most of the profiles in LinkedIn are verified. You always have direct access to the person who owns the profile. You also have the option to set the advertisement with direct delivery to inbox. A chance of the person reading the message is quite high.


  • Highly Priced

The amateur marketers avoiding LinkedIn are more or less right in several cases. High price is one reason which justifies this reason. Yes, when compared to platforms like Facebook and Instagram prices are quite high in LinkedIn. Even though it is good for B2B audience, not all can afford it.

  • Fake Profiles Do Exists

Even though we say targeted audience is the key in LinkedIn, always remember fake profiles can exist anywhere. Also, not all in LinkedIn are for gaining knowledge. Some just use it for applying jobs. Hence if your targeting strategy is not robust, you won’t get the right engagement.

  • Bid Adjustments  

If your bid is too low, you may lose out on auctions and every time you need to manually adjust your bid to retain the top spot. If you’ve understood LinkedIn ads completely, it will be easier for you to retain the top spot.

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