The Best Platform For B2B Lead Generation

The Best Platform For B2B Lead Generation

The Best Platform For B2B Lead Generation

B2B lead generation is the process of finding new leads for a business that sells and sells to another business. For B2B companies, lead production is an important part of their sustainable growth. In other words, businesses generate leads for more customers who later generate more company revenue. Here are some of the best platforms for greater B2B lead generation.


94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content. This means that most B2B vendors are wrong, or most people post something. In any case, you can be brave enough to pass on what 94% of your rivals are already taking advantage of. articles are the best way to show the right customers that you are an expert in your industry. You can use them to anticipate and answer questions of hope, which can strengthen your confidence that you are the right decision when it comes to solving their problem. Posting daily updates on your LinkedIn page or display page is a great way to stay focused on your connection. Your updates will appear in your home feed, so they serve as free, live advertising.

There are many ways one can use this platform to generate leadership and communication, some of which are:

  • Adding a corresponding link
  • Create a post that reflects your opinion and what your network might want to see
  • Send a message and share details about potential prospects
  • Publish articles and build credibility
  • Create your profile and show off your work and success by brand awareness
  • Have live LinkedIn live chats for others
  • Use the unique LinkedIn Sales Navigator to create alerts about your dream prospects and target list of accounts


Quora is a comprehensive platform, there are several ways to use it for B2B lead generation. You can connect with other users, provide valuable advice, put links to your websites and improve your SEO. While taking all the steps right, any of these 5 ways to make B2B lead can be helpful to you. With over 300 million users, Quora is a popular Q&A forum where people post questions on a variety of topics and find solutions to others with their doubts and unspecified problems.

And people ask all kinds of questions from person to business. That is why it is a marketing platform where every company from any industry can use communication and communication with its customers. In order to target your target audience, you need to start answering questions about your industry, products, and services offered by your company. So how do you get started? Go to the Quora search option and enter your niche keyword and you will see tons of questions with multiple answers. If you are in Quora’s lead generation and consistently answer questions about your products and services, you can build a huge fan base in your profile.

Many of those followers can be your potential customers and thus lead your business. Therefore, engage with them consistently by answering their opinions, answering their questions, and sharing their posts.

Here are some ways you can use Quora to push content and, then, create more leads:

  • Always answer questions and build an audience
  • Enter people and follow topics in your industry
  • Join Spaces (As Groups) and share your idea and bring value
  • Use Quora Ad’s for high value indexing
  • Send a message to people in Quora and build relationships with prospects or industry influencers


Twitter is currently one of the most popular social media platforms among B2B advertisers. However, there are many B2B brands striving to use Twitter in their marketing strategy. Twitter helps business owners communicate with their audiences in a way that other social networks do not offer. Organizations use Twitter and connect with their audience in real time by posting updates, answering questions, and responding to their posts. Twitter helps answer specific customer inquiries, resolve individual issues and answer their complaints. It’s a great way to add any B2B product customer service. By using Twitter Analytics, such as reviewing Twitter activity, follower growth, impressions, etc., you can monitor your position on the social media platform and look at your competitors. You can monitor their activities, especially hashtags and their comments, where you can get an idea of ​​how your competitors are progressing.

Studies show that tweets with hashtags generate 2x more engagement as outside tweets. But be careful because too many hashtags can look like spam. Your marketing team should develop a strategy that will use hashtags and how often they use them.

Here are some types of content that work well with Twitter users:

  • Video chats
  • Twitter lives for podcasts, webinars, conferences, etc.
  • GIFs


Facebook gives businesses a place to write down their addresses, phone number, working hours, a brief summary of their business, etc. Make sure you complete all of this information. It not only helps visitors, but also increases the number of SEO pages. Facebook offers business pages the option to install a CTA button. Seven options include Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Buy Now, Subscribe, and Watch Video. The best part? You can post a link to a page on your business website. 86% of B2B advertisers consider Facebook to be the most important part of their marketing efforts and 87% use Twitter as the main marketing tool.

In terms of targeting, Facebook has some of the best targeting options in the industry and this is what makes it a powerful advertising channel. Facebook has a kind of dedicated campaign designed to help you create more leads. This is a soft transition that finds hope in your leading nutrition plan: newsletter subscriptions, event registrations, contests, coupon / transaction registrations, quotes, free tests, etc. where you want to get traffic to our site. This is where Traffic campaigns lead and there are two places you can post on this street: your website or your Facebook page.


90% of accounts follow business on Instagram. That makes it a great platform for the leading generation. With the right Instagram lead generation strategy, you can quickly drive visitors to your website, generate more orders, and increase your profits. Today’s B2B buyers are Millennials and 45% of them are 25-34 years old, which means they are more likely to be on Instagram. Why? It is estimated that 35% of the world’s viewers are between the ages of 25 and 34. With Instagram having a billion users, you can reach a strong audience within the potential consumer system. Leading ads are one of the most obvious ways to generate marketing revenue on Instagram.

To set up leading ads, you need to create an account in Facebook Ads Manager and select “Lead Generation” under the purpose of the campaign. Instagram Live videos create a sense of urgency because neither you nor your fan can watch them once. They are not recorded and stored in accounts like YouTube or Facebook. Instead, Instagram notifies your followers when you go live. This can go a long way in gaining new followers, attracting leads, and increasing your engagement rate. You can also add their landing page links to live videos to generate more revenue from Instagram. Instagram now adds more ways to visit websites, generate clicks, and keep track of. One such way with Instagram action buttons.

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