The Importance of PR

The Importance of PR

The world around us is growing big and more competitive. Approach of brands has changed from generic to specific. In this ever changing world, for a brand to stay relevant is a mere possibility. Over the years, we have seen brands emerging out of nowhere to high visibility. All thanks to their (public relation (PR) efforts. Top brands over the years to stay relevant and pleasing to all audience do have a strong PR practices. Now you might ask, how does it help in building awareness? Well, here are some reasons why a robust PR strategy will help you understand why it is important.


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Brand Awareness

Let us say you’re manufacturing and selling Chocolate Candies. Are you the only one in the market you serve? Given the demand for candies, you have so many to challenge you. Hence you have all chances to get lost in the crowd. But indulging in PR will first let people know about your brand. For example, imagine there is a street full of sweet shops. When someone is entering the street, they might be confused which shop to go to. In this case, an advertisement showcasing your products will actually pull them towards your shop. PR is the right strategy to improve your brand awareness if you’re new to the market.

Enhances Market Presence

The same example what we discussed above will suit here as well. When you’re entering a new market, creating brand awareness is essential. By doing so, people will first know such a brand exists and when you enter the neighboring markets, it will help you to build upon the same. Hence your market presence is well enhanced even before you go there. But provided you have a good rapport among consumers in those markets. For example, Costco as a brand is known for selling inexpensive stuff. Therefore, you need a specific selling point for your business. Overall, PR helps you in enhancing your market presence.

Brand Credibility

With so many brands competing for the same product, people are wondering which the right one is. Some might choose based on cost, some based on quality and some on quantity. But there are very few brands which stood apart and proved to be of great value to customers. Those brands were built upon strong PR strategies. People are looking for questions before buying a product in a much unbiased way. If you step-up and say your brand offers the best, you’ll be proved a hypocrite. But if you rather tell them the intricacies involved in buying or manufacturing a product, you add more value and automatically they tend to buy your product.

Instant Visibility

Again, this we can relate it to brand awareness. When you talk about an industry and it is evolving, people tend to understand the person behind the brand. This way quite easily you get visibility. Even if not in high numbers, atleast 10 out of 100 tend to see that way. Hence instant visibility is the biggest strength of having a PR strategy. Moreover, you’ll get a niche audience for all your offerings rather than generic ones.

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