Tips To Increase Your Blog Subscribers in 2020

Tips To Increase Your Blog Subscribers in 2020

Tips To Increase Your Blog Subscribers in 2020


Have you ever dreamt of becoming a full-time blogger? Do you want to convert your passion into a full-time job? Are you tired of not attracting and gaining subscribers after working day and night on your blogs? Do you wish to build a loyal audience of readers who eagerly wait for your next post? If your answer was yes to any of the questions, we are here to make your life easier. In this article, we will share the best tips and tricks to attract and maintain your faithful audience.

  • Understanding your visitors/target audience and their interests

The most important step to increasing your subscribers is to have great content for your readers. You need to discover topics that are trending to attract new readers and also write about topics that your current readers really care about. It is extremely important to consider and work on the feedback given by your current subscribers. Always be responsive and engage with your audience. If you are successful at satisfying them consistently, they will subscribe and even help you grow by sharing your content. 

  • Expand your network and collaborate

Online and in-person networking can help you find new connections. These new relationships can contribute to an increase in your subscribers. You must make the best use of networking events and socialize as much as possible. Always remember to be confident and never be hesitant to talk about your blogs while meeting new people. It is also vital to use social networking sites smartly. Social Media provides a platform to promote your blog posts, interact with your readers, and widen your horizons. Expanding your network gives you an opportunity to collaborate with other well-established bloggers. You can also appear on podcasts and videos, be part of interviews, or guest posts for other websites. This will help you attract more readers, as you can generate more traffic to your own blog.

  • Convince your readers to subscribe

Congratulations, you have attracted readers. Now, you have to make sure that your readers subscribe. This can be done by ensuring that your subscription opt-in form is placed on every page and is easily visible.  Nothing can be worse than a reader not even noticing your opt-in box. Also, you can just have the requirement of an email address in your form as it makes the process quicker and simpler. In addition, you can also use Quick Response (QR) codes to subscribe to your blogs. Your aim must be to make the process of subscribing as simple as possible for your readers.

  • Offer something back to your readers

Who doesn’t love free stuff? You must remember that people spend time reading your posts, and you should offer something to them for free in exchange for their precious time and their subscription. The offer can be as simple as early access to your blog, discount coupons, a free audiobook, or an e-book. You must show your gratitude towards your readers and offer something valuable to appreciate their time and loyalty. You must try to ensure that your readers are completely aware of what they are subscribing to if you do not wish to annoy them and eventually lose a subscriber.

Growing your social base can result in enhancing your subscribers in a quick time. So, don’t worry about your low count of readers. Produce content that is worth reading and steadily you will see the counts of your reader grow.

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