Top 5 SEO Influencers Of 2019

Top 5 SEO Influencers Of 2019

Search engines are not working the same way as it did a decade before. Credit goes to regular quarterly and annual updates launched by Google. Yes, Google algorithms are getting tougher to have a check on spammers and other malpractices. If your online marketing practices are ethical, you are safe and not prone to major disasters.

But sometimes, we do get lost and end up doing the unethical stuffs without knowledge. Even though it turns out to be cost effective and easier, a Google update might come as a storm to put an end to it. Hence it is better to follow ethical practices quite consistently. To know what those trending practices in SEO, here are some influencers / entrepreneurs / martech SMEs, you must follow.


2019 SEO influencers


Neil Patel

If you remember seeing a site with vibrant saffron colour and white background, then you remember reading Neil Patel. But the main attractive factor of his site is his content and the placement of CTAs. Listening to his videos and podcasts, every marketer believes he makes sense (he actually does). One of his recent blogs say how to do content marketing the right way.

He understands whom he is talking to and he knows what he is doing. Most importantly, he directs you to do it the same way i.e. the ethical way. CrazyEgg and Kissmetrics is his brainchild. He is quick enough to get used to a particular update and rank higher in every search. Hence you have all the right reasons to follow him with high priority.

Dharmesh Shah

Facebook set a new benchmark for social media. Likewise, HubSpot set a benchmark for inbound marketing. The brain behind its success is Dharmesh Shah who spearheads the operations of the CRM maker with a unique approach. His approach of SEO and marketing has been simple + straight forward to drive desired results. His suggestions are widely believed to be effective.

Rand Fishkin

If you know Moz, you must know the mastermind behind that as well i.e. Rand Fishkin. He was the cofounder of Moz and now serves as the CEO of SparkToro. His expertise in SEO is wide known and people follow him to understand how to convert. He is a keynote speaker in several marketing related conference worldwide and what not? He has so much to add to his kitty.

Danny Sullivan

You’d have heard the job title- Chief Executive Officer and even Chief Operating Officer. But have you heard Chief Content Officer? If not, meet Danny Sullivan who is one among the first few CCOs. If you read Search Engine Land to understand concepts of search marketing, email marketing, analytics and marketing technology, then he is invisibly familiar to you. You don’t need more reasons to consistently follow him right? So keep looking at Search Engine Land to get the regular dose of SEO insights.

Travis Wright

Learning is so easy if it is fun right? If you believe in this, you must follow Travis Wright. He is known to make funny and serious posts on AOL, politics, essentials and breaking news. He also gives a lot of insights and the way he works to get it right.

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