Top Web Development Trends & Technology That Will Dominate in 2020

Top Web Development Trends & Technology That Will Dominate in 2020

Web designers, developers, and businesses alike must be at the forefront of recent web technologies and practices as the internet is transforming itself every hour. Evidently, website design and development is something you can’t afford to ignore while kickstarting your business.

To keep up with the changing trends, businesses should have up-to-date websites. They must partner with professional web developers who are abreast of the latest development trends and develop websites with the latest technologies.

Everyone needs to realize that technologies have redefined web development. If you would like to serve your audience better and provide the most effective experiences then you need to step in and completely overhaul your web design ideas.


Here are trends that will disrupt web development:

✯    Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The internet is evolving fast. As internet speed continues to improve around the world, many users are readily consuming multimedia content like videos, podcasts, infographics, etc.

Recent technologies that drive 360 videos, virtual reality videos, interactive videos, and 360 images are trending today. For instance, virtual reality therapy is a common practice in the medical field.

✯    Responsive Web Design

If you would like a refresher on what responsive web design is about, here’s a quick definition from Smashing Magazine: “Responsive Web design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation.”

Responsive web design is probably one of the strongest trends the web has ever experienced. It wasn’t an adjustment in web development but a complete change, all thanks to portable working frameworks.

✯    Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

If you want to serve your audience better, you need to start out incorporating AI-powered systems into your web development and business.

Ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft use AI to determine the value of a ride. This minimizes the wait time when users hail a ride and even match you with the perfect passengers to minimize detours, these are has been made possible by ML and AI.

You also need to let your visitors know they’re safe and secure when they use your website.

Web developers are adapting and learning to build AI. It can streamline everything from competitive analysis to predictive trends and image recognition.  AI will also drive the longer-term of cybersecurity in areas of customer support.

  • Chatbots and Customer Support

Customer service and support are key to grow a thriving business. No matter how thrilling the product offerings are, the negative words will spread like wildfire if the customer service is not good.

Every company interacts with customers. But how will these interactions be continued after working hours or when the customer service agents aren’t around?

That’s why Chatbots are important. They provide instant responses to users’ queries while surfing the website. Interestingly, 69% of consumers choose to use chatbots for Swift Communication with Brands.

Evidently, consumers have shown an excellent preference for chatbots, and businesses are willing to invest in them in the future.

✯    Message Pop-up Integration

Pop-up messages are an important communication tool for businesses. They’re driven by a versatile application and may prove to be a great asset for web developers to start out with.

Message pop-up has made it possible to send direct information to customers and site users.

The beauty of pop-up messages is that it doesn’t block the site user.

Hence, web developers are finding ways of implementing them onto web portals, including discussion boards, mobile apps, and so on

✯    Voice Search and Instant Answers

Web developers don’t have a choice when it comes to optimizing for voice searches. There’s a huge shift in the way Google and other voice-enabled devices like Siri process information and users are loving it.

Voice search is a challenging technology that makes it possible for people to search for information online using voice prompts. It may have been around for years, but its use has only grown in recent years.

Imagine the ease that we all have now when searching for information online. Just grab a mobile phone, activate the voice search bar, and ask a question.

Bear in mind, though, that voice search works pretty well for ‘quick info.’ In other words, you should only use it when you’re looking to get an immediate answer.

Here’s an example, Siri, Tell me about today’s weather Or Hey Google, what’s the typical weight of a retriever puppy?

As you’ll see, these questions are direct and the voice search algorithm is programmed to reply to them a lot more accurately than indirect questions.

As web developers and business owners, it’s important to leverage these opportunities in the field of AI and ML. Web designers should structure web pages and content in a way that voice-enabled devices and Google can understand.

  • Motion Design in the User interface

Motion UI is gaining momentum gradually. Developers understand the need for a smooth transition, specifically, when there are animated objects. It also allows the developers to be creative and make new animations.

Motion UI helps in providing an outstanding user experience by increasing customer engagement with the website and the apps.

In 2020, It is expected that Motion UI will grow even as GIF animation has enhanced customer engagement.

Wrap up

It is important to note that the internet keeps on evolving, hence creating innovative ways to market businesses on the internet is challenging. What’s trending today might not be useful tomorrow. The key to any successful business is staying, unique, and useful. Investing in effective web development services is imperative for companies.

The objective is to design and develop a website that will serve a large number of the audience. Get in touch to discuss your goals.

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