Traditional Marketing Activities That Are Still Effective

Traditional Marketing Activities That Are Still Effective

Marketing is not a new word to any industry. Since the time businesses evolved, sales and marketing travelled along. But the way we market has changed. Initially, it all began with word of mouth publicity followed by several others.

Anyhow, let us not get into the evolution of marketing and advertisements. But all we know is, need arose every now and then. New ways to market a product or service seemed to be a requirement. Either it was a high paid display advertisement or flyer distribution.

Then with the advent of mobile phones, we had SMS marketing followed by email marketing with the online revolution. Beyond all this, now we have social media and search engine marketing which is proven to be cost effective.

Several companies nowadays are just focusing on social media marketing that they completely forgot about the rest. Some even say those are old techniques and never payoff. But the actual fact is contrary to this thought. It matters where and how you use it. So here are some of the old marketing activities which could still get you relevant leads or impressions or visibility.


Traditional Marketing Activities


Cold Calling

This will sound irritating but not to many people. Let us say you’re thinking about a particular vendor who could offer some specific service and beyond. Suddenly, you call them asking, “are you looking for this service sir?” Doesn’t it sound like a fortune falling from the heaven? Well, it may be irrelevant to many of them. But remember, success rate is less than 20 percent. Still, you will get relevant leads in a meagre level.

Face to Face Discussions

I still remember a job interview which I gave. I randomly walked into an office and asked them for a job opening. Luckily they had an opening and they called me up for an interview. Likewise, imagine you walk into an office and ask if they have any requirement for a specific service to which they may 90 percent reject. But it is in the hands of the person to make a lasting impact. Hence if you make the right impact, you they will call you back next time when they have a requirement.

Print Ads

Several advertising experts will say this is just a waste of money. But it matters what you do it for. If you’re doing for branding, yes you will get quite a lot of eyes on your brand (if done the right way). But if you’re doing for lead generation then it is a big no. Print ads are all about showing to people what your brand means to the world. So do it at the right place for the right reason.

Outdoor Advertising

Let us say you’re the first cement manufacturer in Los Angeles. Looking at you some small units as well came up. Still you’re holding the monopoly of the market and you want to show your supremacy that you’re the only one. In this case, an outdoor advertising comes handy. Let us say a world-class builder is coming to Los Angeles for a new project. He/she is confused on choosing the right cement manufacturer and supplier who can deliver the scale they expect. Suddenly, they see your hoarding everywhere in the city. Won’t they be captivated? Hence it matters how you do things to score better.

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