What Does An Effective Content Marketing Strategy Consist Of?

What Does An Effective Content Marketing Strategy Consist Of?

In the last decade, one particular term grew quite widely in the world of online marketing i.e. Content Marketing. Of all marketing strategies, marketers believe content marketing will nurture leads and help in retention. Hence several of them are keenly following this strategy.

But not all are doing it right. Some infact are going the opposite direction thereby spamming all social media groups etc. which is unethical. There is a way to do it and if you don’t know the way as a marketer, you are bound to deliver zero results. Here are some steps which are basic to the right Content Marketing Strategy. If you do not follow this, you will end up messing up your business prospects.


Content Marketing Strategy 2020


Define Goals

When you start an activity, you start it with a goal. Some will be to generate leads, some to increase your brand awareness and some to say that you still exist in this world. So when you begin a Content Marketing Activity, you should clearly define why you’re doing it. Is it to let people know that your band offers the best service or is it to bring them to your site? You need to define these goals quite clearly so that you do not mess up with your strategy.

Understanding Buyer Persona

Whatever you do, do you know whom you’re doing it for? If you can’t answer this question, you’ve lost terribly and you’re moving blindly into something. People come to you only when they see you as a solution provider. If not, they don’t even bother to look at you. Afterall, we are not dealing with personal relationships here. Hence you need to understand buyer persona before you begin to market.

Updating Content Regularly

When you begin to blog on your site you must ensure it goes out on regular intervals. Remember, when you project yourself as a subject matter expert, you will be looked upon by someone or the other. You’re not writing for name sake. You write for a purpose. Hence ensure you stick to your purpose with a discipline. Regularly updating content on your site is a simple practice which could build your brand credibility and your target audience might find it of value. Even if they skip at once, the next time they will bother to click.

Share Content Regularly

Like how you update content regularly, you need to reach out to places where your target audiences are thronging. Initially, you have to go tell people that you are the one they must rely upon. Then you instantly get a follower base. Hence you must explore new avenues and use different opportunities to drive more traffic to your site by sharing your content regularly somewhere. Also, remember you shouldn’t be spamming groups with your posts. Being a professional, you need to do it in a professional way.

Decide Delivering Format

As on date, people are delivering content in different formats. Some are delivering it as videos and some deliver it as blog or eBooks or newsletters. All are effective, but it matters whom you’re doing it for. Hence decide the format of your content and delivery according to your audience.


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