Why Hiring the Right Content Writer Is Important?

Why Hiring the Right Content Writer Is Important?

Content Writing is a profession trending since the past one decade. Well, there did exist a profile called Copywriter, Journalist and a lot more. But a Content Writer is holistic. He/she is someone who can write all kinds of content with just a short research. Be it a PR article, SEO content, advertisement content and even blog.

A Content Writer can write everything. He/she comes with the understanding of target audience. The digital revolution has created a big exodus for Content Writers. Elsewhere we see there is need for content writer and everyone tends to take up that role. But are the people who randomly say I’m a content writer, qualified enough? To ensure you hire qualified Content Writers here are some tips.



Understands the Target Audience

The difference between an ordinary individual writing and a professional writing is the understanding of the Target Audience. But professional writers will say language finesse. When it comes to writing for random audience, you must definitely understand what they like to read. Not necessarily all will like to read something with heavy grammar. For example, when you write for financial professionals, you need to use a lot of financial jargons to attract them. Most importantly, you must talk about their pain points. If any Content Writer can do these, he/she is definitely the right one.


Worked in Different Genres

When you hire an experienced Content Writer, it is not about their expertise in a particular domain anymore. It is about how their mind works differently. For example, he/she should’ve worked for retail, finance, healthcare, sports and several other genres. By doing so, his/her mind works differently at every level. For example, while writing finance he/she thinks like one and while writing for healthcare, he/she thinks like a medical professional. Overall, this is all about understanding the target audience. At the same time, there is a risk that someone working in all genres might not have a good understanding of all those. Hence always lookout for the timeline in which he/she has stayed for long in a specific domain and for their quality of work.


Is a Subject Matter Expert?

Well, this could be contrary to what we spoke above. But also it is definitely good enough to hire someone with in-depth knowledge in a specific domain. Again it depends on what purpose you need the person for. For example, if you have a blog which is giving more insights for budding professionals you actually need a subject matter expert. You cannot have an amateur writing about technical stuff on his/her own. Therefore be wise in choosing the right content writer for the right things.


Sticking to Timeline

Let us say you have a content writer who produces content for your blog, social media posts etc. That will be their work for the whole day say for 8 hours. Here comes the question of quality. Obviously, the person will have spent half a day writing one blog and then social media posts. Otherwise, he/she will not be able to do anything beyond. This is a situation where he/she is not sticking to the proper timeline. Hence you need to see how good the person in time management is.


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