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Is your customer right if he/she wishes to speak to you after you have closed up for the day? What if it is half past 4 in the morning? Increasingly, consumers expect to receive customer service at a time convenient to them. If you can provide this, your customer satisfaction ratings and retention will be outstanding. As business owners, you must be aware that providing 24/7 tech support is as much of an art as it is a science. Read on to know how you can nail the customer support.


What comprises great customer service?


Good customer service means having professional and friendly staff with great product knowledge and can go to any length to help the customer. In addition, you need to focus on customer experience and customer journey. To offer satisfying customer experience you need 24 by 7 customer services. You need to provide maximum flexibility to support your customers when and where they choose.


Why 24 by 7 customer services are needed?


Due to lifestyle changes of your customers, technology advances and global audience people expect 24/7 support. Customer service can make or break your business. More than 86% buyers will pay more for a good customer experience. Thus, by offering 24 by 7 support you can get more customers and better customer retention.


How to provide 24/7 customer service?


Firstly, you need to begin with a gap analysis of your customer services. Then identify the common queries of your customers and choose the right channels accordingly. You need to balance various ways to offer out of hours customer service to provide good service while ensuring considerable ROI.


  • Phone Support


The telephone is still most popular and effective choice when it comes to providing customer service. More than 68% of customer service interactions occur via phone and the reason for this is first contact resolution. Retaining customers if far profitable than acquiring new ones, which makes 24/7 phone support a worthwhile investment for your business. You can either offer the phone support in-house. For greater profits, you can also outsource customer support for $4 or even below this per hour. When you sign up for call answering services you divert your calls to them, and they will be answered in a 24-hour contact center. You can opt for any service types ranging from just taking a message or offering complete customer service solutions. This option is cost-effective and the service provider will answer the calls just as your staff would, so your callers will never know that you have outsourced the call.


  • Email Support


Email is ubiquitous in offering customer service and is as important as the phone support these days. The 24/7 email support has the advantage of giving you a little more room when it comes to answering customer inquiries. If you promise 24/7 support via phone, someone has to be ready at all times to answer the phone. Whereas when you choose email support, you get a couple of hours gap between the customer’s email and response provided by your company.

In today’s global and digital culture customers want their queries to be answered at timing convenient to them. There are a number of customer service channels which you can choose from as per your business requirement. By outsourcing, you can make a good return on investment. You can adopt a 24-hour customer service strategy, and implement it successfully to boost sales and customer retention.



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