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With the advent of digital technologies, lead generation has undergone tremendous changes. You may need to invest a lot of time and efforts to identify, nurture, manage and convert a lead into sales. Efficient and effective lead generation services can help you nurture meaningful relationships with the qualified leads and build valid results.


Lead Generation: Understanding the basics


Lead generation is the marketing process of stimulating and capturing customers’ interest in a product or service to develop sales pipeline. Lead generation through digital marketing techniques is on a rise with substantial changes in various social and online techniques.


Importance of lead generation


To generate effective sales, you must have leads. The buying process has undergone a change. You may need to find new methods to reach out to your customers and get heard through the noise. A strategy has to be devised that strives to create maximum leads. Instead of finding customers with mass advertising marketers must focus on being found and develop continuous relationships with the buyers. It’s all about creating brand awareness, capturing leads and making sales.


Effective lead generation tactics


According to the B2B lead generation marketing trends survey conducted by IDG the most effective lead generation tactics these days are:

  • Company website
  • Tradeshows
  • Conferences and
  • Email Marketing


Lead generation through the website


Your webpage is where all the magic happens. You can use your website to encourage your prospective buyer to sign up for your newsletter or fill out the form to request a demo. You may have to optimize your website to convert browsers into leads. Pay close attention to content, forms, CTA (Call-To-Action), layout and design.


Lead generation via events


Event marketing has to be an integral part of your lead generation mix whether you are hosting a small private function or large-scale tradeshow or a global webinar. Events provide you with an opportunity to define your brand, highlight your products and services and establish personal connections with participants. You can actively engage with customers and prospects.


Lead generation through email marketing


Email is the cornerstone of every marketing campaign. So whether you are sending a new piece of content, hosting an event, staying in touch with users or promoting your new product or service, the email must be one of your key forms of communication. Email marketing is the most widely used and most effective lead generation channel. By presenting your content to prospects, you can find people who may not be looking for you.


Lead generation through SMS marketing


SMS is an ideal method to generate business leads. It is the most affordable marketing medium available and capable of generating an impressive return on investment. This marketing technique can be used to target all the customers who own a mobile phone. It has an unbeatable open rate and can be integrated seamlessly with other marketing campaigns. SMS marketing has been proven to boost sales and increase in-store traffic.

To make sure your lead generation campaign is successful you may need a right mix of lead generation tools.  Create different offers for customers in different stages of buying cycle. Use the various inbound and outbound marketing techniques strategically for effective lead generation and greater ROI.


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